Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Tracking Savings for Early Retirement

My previous post covered my aggressive intent to save 85% of our monthly take home pay for investment purposes.  The key of course is to have the discipline to maintain this aggressive goal and actively track it month by month.  To have any chance of success here, we figured we needed an easy and automated method to implement this, so we are forced into following this guideline for savings.  So our proposal is: as soon as both my wife and I get our monthly salaries in our salary accounts, we will move out 85% of that months' income into investments (through SIPs), or EMIs (for our home loan) or into our secondary bank account.  All monthly expenses will continue to be routed through our respective salary accounts, in the form of utility bill payments, monthly credit card payments, and cash withdrawals for day-to-day expenses.  Let me know what you think of this approach and if you have used something similar before.  We will kick-off with this method starting November 2011. 


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  2. Great ....sorry just came across your blog..... We used to keep different envelops for different items one for the milk bill, and one for the maid servant salary...this helped us to track our expenses.... My wife was also excellent in keeping accounts and yet does not sleep if her daily accounts do not tally.