Saturday, 22 October 2011

How to Retire Early in India

I have seen several articles talking about a relatively recent trend of people planning to retire early in India.  In our generation today, this could be fueled by rising incomes/salaries, and the increased load that most of us face in the work environment.  So while in my parents generation, the objective was to keep working as long as possible to sustain ones family (usually extending well into their 60s), in todays generation, people are actively considering retiring in their 50s.  The popularity of VSPs (Voluntary Separation Programs) offered by companies, wherein employees choose to take an early retirement package, and leave the active work force voluntarily, is a clear indication of this growing trend. 

However, the one thing that I do not see in all of these early retirement discussions, is real life examples of people who have achieved their early retirement dreams.  I notice a lot of free advice easily available on the internet covering the basics of savings, investments, compounding, LBYM, etc,  but no real evidence of people successfully applying these concepts and realising their early retirement goals.  I also notice that the folks dishing out this advice, are not the ones who have actually achieved early retirement themselves.  So I really wonder how all of these so called financial planners and investment gurus, can be believed if they themselves have not walked the journey towards early retirement. 

My objective on this blog, is to document my own attempt at early retirement, step-by-step, backed up with my own data, lifestyle choices, investment decisions etc.  Based on my success or failures going forward, readers can take valuable lessons to apply to their own financial planning.  Either way, you as a reader cant lose! You can apply my successes to your situation, and steer clear of my failures to increase the probability of your hitting your early retirement goals.  Good luck to us all!

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