Sunday, 14 August 2016

NSDL CAS Statement Gets Better!

I believe in tracking my networth closely as I march along towards retirement.  In the past, I have always had to use a spreadsheet based method to keep track.  Others have used online apps and financial service providers.  Typically I only need to track the total networth, on maybe a quarterly basis (4 times a year is more that enough!), and I would like to put in minimal effort into this activity. The NSDL CAS statement is an excellent resource that does all of the hard work for me! I had written about this in the link above in early 2015, but since then the format of the NSDL CAS statement has changed in one significant aspect.  They have now started tracking and reporting the monthly trend of your total investments, so in one snapshot you can see the overall performance of your portfolio (with absolutely no effort required on your part!)