Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Retire Early and Travel

Now that I have become "more involved" with my retire early planning, I have come across a lot of material out there, about people who have already trudged this path and taken the plunge.  I love reading about these "case-studies" as it helps to fine tune my own thinking.  One more such example is about Warren and Betsy, the folks at Married with Luggage.  They have retired at the age of 40, and plan to travel around the world.  They also document all their expenses here.  I think the learning for me here is (1) It is important to make a plan and then put in all my energies to execute to it (2) It pays to be methodical, particularly when it comes to documenting expenses (3) It helps to be internet web savvy.  You can churn out a lot of good material, if you are very comfortable with the medium. 

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