Saturday, 22 October 2011

Early Retirement : Networth or Corpus

One of the key vectors on your journey to early retirement, is the net accumulated wealth, also known as networth, or corpus, that you have at any point in time. You need to actively measure and monitor your networth at least once every 2-3months, and make a decision as to what your networth target is going to be when you actually retire. This is not an easy decision and will require a fair amount of planning, some mathematical computations, and the guts to actually implement this plan. For starters, I will try to put down my networth target, and my current networth, so I can see how far I am from my goal, and consider whether my 85% monthly savings target will get me to my goal or not.

I am very uncomfortable sharing the exact details of my personal wealth, salary, income etc on an online forum like this. So I will be publishing scaled numbers on this website. The thought here is for you to get an idea of my income sources, progress towards networth targets etc, without getting stuck in discussing actual numbers.

My next post will cover my networth target, and a plan on how I intend to achieve it.

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